Thursday, April 1, 2010


An interesting story from Politics Daily explores Democratic Senate hopeful Bill Halter’s use of “microtargeting” in his race against incumbent Blanche Lincoln.

Microtargeting is credited with helping re-elect George W. Bush to a second term in 2004. Although pioneered by Democrats decades ago, Republicans have perfected it in this decade.

There's nothing quiet about it anymore – and Democrats have rejoined the fray. Halter has tapped a political consultancy, Changing Targets Media, that specializes in identifying voters down to the household level, and turning them out to the polls.

"The Halter campaign is smart to do this," said Brent E. McGoldrick, a microtargeting expert who works for Financial Dynamics, a business and financial communications company. "And the Lincoln campaign would be wise to [do] something similar." McGoldrick, who has developed microtargeting and market segmentation business for political campaigns and corporate and public affairs clients, added, "This is exactly the kind of race where a campaign needs microtargeting."

You can read more about the strategy at this link.