Sunday, April 4, 2010


Talk Business contributor Suzi Parker wears a lot of writing hats around the nation. Her latest article for Politics Daily offers a fairly even assessment of the 2nd Congressional District at this juncture.

Here’s the money quote from the article:

"This will be a very negative race, and I give Griffin a slight edge because he has a clearer path to a nomination over any of the Dems," says David Wasserman, an analyst at the Cook Political Report. "I think a Democrat could win a seat in Little Rock this year. The problem is, this district is more than just Little Rock. So far, Griffin has run a great campaign, but he hasn't had to take a real hit yet. And they're coming."

Personally, I still peg this general election race as a “toss-up” owing to the history of votes in the district (which lean Democrat). However, the shifting demographics in the district and current voter attitudes (which lean Republican) doesn’t allow me to chalk this race up to the historical outcome.

Wasserman is right. This general election race will be a very negative one. The front-runners on the Democratic side have voting histories and attachments to political establishments and candidates. The two Republicans bring their own baggage to the race. National and state Democratic and Republican operatives will make sure that all of the opposition research done on the ultimate primary winners is shared with all.

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