Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve had some web site glitches for a few weeks. Apparently, we were a threat to the Chinese and a hacking virus was unleashed on us.

Now, we’re back with the new and improved www.talkbusiness.net. You’ll find a lot of the great features you loved on our old site, especially our breaking business and political news content. In our rotating banners, we’ll feature certain stories that we think have particular relevance.

We’d also point out our contributors’ section, which will evolve throughout the weeks. A number of our Talk Business content partners and contributors are featured in this mid-section of the web site. We’ve got several additional folks coming on board so be sure to frequently check for new faces. You may also want to check out our blog roll on the bottom right-hand side of the site for new Arkansas blogs that we find insightful for news and opinion.

I single out one partner in particular, Jason Tolbert of The Tolbert Report, for his help during the interim when our web site went down. Jason helped us set up a short-term blog (you're on it right now) to keep our daily news feed going while we constructed the new site. Jason, many thanks to you!

For now, enjoy the new site and keep your eyes open for new developments and features during the next few weeks. Also, we’d welcome your feedback – positive and negative – as we’ve held off on some changes until we hear from you. Drop me an email at roby@talkbusiness.net to share your comments or to ask questions, especially if you’re having trouble reading sections of the site.

Have a busy and productive week. We hope to hear from you soon!