Monday, March 29, 2010


Ben Ponder, a Mountain Home candidate for Congress, announces that the first 1st District debate has been set for his hometown.

The Baxter County Democrats and Arkansas State University-Mountain Home, in cooperation with KTLO Radio and the Baxter Bulletin, have announced a debate for the Democratic candidates in Arkansas’ First District congressional race. The debate is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6, from 7-8 pm in the McMullin Lecture Hall on the campus of Arkansas State University, Mountain Home.

Bob Knight of KTLO Radio will moderate the debate between candidates Steve Bryles, Chad Causey, David Cook, Terry Green, Ben Ponder, and Tim Wooldridge.

The debate will focus on the topics of healthcare, the economy, and foreign policy. Each candidate will be allowed to make a one minute opening statement and a two minute closing statement. Each candidate will also be asked to respond to three questions related to the debate’s topics and formulated by the editorial staffs of KTLO and the Baxter Bulletin. Candidate answers to those questions will be limited to about one minute each.

Admission is free.