Sunday, March 21, 2010


Political columnist John Brummett with the Arkansas News Bureau provides an assessment of the recent GOP Senate debate featuring 7 hopefuls and the absent Cong. John Boozman.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the debate’s substance. There wasn’t much. The candidates got only one minute to answer questions. There was no follow-up. Not all candidates got a shot at all questions.

Anyway, the ever-predictable answer was always the most conservative available — against illegal immigration, against Obamacare, against bailouts, against deficits, against attacks on the freedoms that God, not our country, supposedly gave us.

Brummett declares that the winner of the debate was the stand-in for Boozman, Sarah Huckabee.

This winner came to the event with little more than her political gene.

This was Sarah Huckabee, 27-year-old daughter of Mike Huckabee and the campaign manager and surrogate debater this night for U.S. Rep. John Boozman in his bid for the Senate.

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