Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A threat of violence at a Hewlett-Packard office in Conway leads to the firing of an employee and a request for police protection.

The Log Cabin Democrat reports that police were summoned to the HP facility after a 27-year old employee, Ryan Patrick Williams of Conway, allegedly threatened to “come back after lunch with two guns and shoot some people.”

“(This witness) said that he (alluded) to the fact that he was going to kill people,” The officer wrote in his report, summarizing the written statement. “(Williams) told her he would come back after lunch with two guns and shoot some people. She said he stated the names of (three employees) and then told her that if she was the snitch that she could choose to live or die. He said she could choose between being skinned or fingers pulled off. (This witness) stated that as random people would walk by (Williams) would nod at them and say them also.”

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