Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Stephens Media columnist Steve Brawner takes a turn pontificating on incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s odds for re-election.

Somewhere between 50-50 and 51-49, says Brawner. His logic?

Brawner contends that Lincoln’s grit and the fact that time is still on her side are two reasons to not count her out. He adds:

There is a third reason why Lincoln’s odds of being re-elected are no worse than 50-50: The poll numbers on which everyone is basing their predictions largely have been a referendum on Obama and on Washington, D.C., and they have reflected hypothetical match-ups against relatively unknown opponents instead of comparisons with real human beings who have flaws like the rest of us.

Brawner argues that Lincoln is closing the gap with those GOP challengers. You can access his full take here.