Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Michael Tilley with our content partner, The City Wire, follows up with a story from earlier in the week. A court-appointed company operating C. Bean Transport will close the trucking operations, but keep a warehouse operation open.

Ron Fuller, a spokesman for Bell Receivers, issued this statement late Tuesday: “We continue to work diligently for what is best for the employees and their families, the creditors, and the investors. Effective today (Wednesday, March 17th) the company has ceased its over the road operations.

The company will continue to operate the Fort Smith, Arkansas warehouse facility. As the receiver I will be issuing additional statements as needed. I understand how difficult this has been for everyone associated with the company and we sincerely appreciate the cooperation and understanding that has been shown by everyone involved.”

Fuller did not have information available on the number of jobs lost as a result of closing the trucking operation.

You can read more at this link.