Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Arkansas has never elected an African-American to federal office in modern times. Our state is the only Southern state to carry that distinction.

This year, there are two African-American females vying for Congress. Republican Princella Smith is seeking the GOP nomination for the 1st Congressional District seat from which Rep. Marion Berry is retiring.

Smith is a 26-year old Wynne native who has served as a Congressional aide to a representative from Louisiana. She also has worked for former Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller.

State Senator Joyce Elliott represents a portion of eastern Pulaski County. She’s running to be the Democratic nominee in the 2nd Congressional District, the seat being vacated by Rep. Vic Snyder at the end of his term.

What has motivated both of these women to run for Congress? What are the issues and principles they find uncompromising? Can either appeal to a broad base of voters?

Smith sat down with Talk Business content partner Jason Tolbert for a one-on-one interview. Elliott recently visited with Talk Business contributor Kerri Jackson Case.

Both women are chasing history in their efforts to become the first African-Americans elected to federal office from Arkansas in the modern age. Find out more on their candidacies at this link on our YouTube Channel.