Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A GOP Senate candidate goes on the offensive and a Democratic Congressional hopeful responds to an endorsement.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gilbert Baker called on Congressman John Boozman to oppose any future government bailout programs today.

Baker has made an issue of Boozman’s vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, known as TARP. Citing a recent fundraising mailer from Boozman, Baker said, “I have nothing but the highest respect for Congressman Boozman; however, we have a different approach to an activist federal government.”

“It is important for Republican primary voters to know where their next United States Senator will stand relating to the encroachment of the federal government in our lives. I call on Congressman Boozman to join me in pledging to oppose any future government bailouts. As Arkansas’ next U.S. Senator I will be a check and balance on the Obama policies, not another vote in support of big government bailouts,” he added.

Steve Bryles, a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District seat, is the first to respond to Congressman Marion Berry’s endorsement of his former chief of staff, Chad Causey.

"I respect Congressman Berry. He has been an earnest, hard working public servant. I believe voters will size up each candidate on his experience, position on the issues and ability to lead,” Bryles said.

“Voters will choose the candidate who will best represent their interests not the one with the most political and special interest endorsements. I believe my deep roots in the district, experience in agribusiness, my work creating jobs and improving public schools will be things people can relate to and voters will strongly consider when choosing their next Congressman,” Bryles added.

In both responses, you can see tamped down rhetoric. It’s a tough tight-rope act for both candidates to follow: scold your primary opponent, but don’t alienate the base.