Thursday, March 18, 2010


Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett writes what all of us in the press are saying privately.

We grow weary of the daily tit-for-tat of press releases from campaign surrogates in the Lincoln v. Halter Democratic primary (other races, too).

Brummett singles out Halter spokesman Bud Jackson and Lincoln spokesman Steve Patterson – the two doing most of the traditional message response for their respective candidates. Says Brummett:

I don’t give a flip-fly what Jackson or Patterson says. I’m interested in what Lincoln and Halter have to say.

So let’s have a debate.

Let’s see if Lincoln and Halter can find time to talk directly to and about each other.

They’ll have to get out of the television studio where they are merely play-acting as self-styled heroes in an ongoing TV series — Halter as a grocery-bagger and Lincoln as one tough lady and the only grown-up in a romper room of wild children.

You can read Brummett’s full column at this link. He was our guest on Talk Business this week, too. Watch the interview here.